Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cotton and Wood: 2 Blank Canvases

It's always hard to get back into the creative swing when you've had to stop for a while. Having a special needs kid, school ending, travel to visit family....everyone has their list of "Life Things"... those things that are important, good and sometimes hard. They weave the fabric of our lives yet often take away from our creative time. I've been weaving life instead of making art for almost two months now. It's time to paint. It's time to sculpt.

Here they are, my two blank canvases. Usually when I start a project, I have no idea what it will be. This time is different. This time when I see this...

I hear...."Last Supper".

and when I see this...

I hear...."joy dance"

I'm curious. 
I'm excited. 
I'm fully prepared to dive in with both feet and succeed or fail. 
I'm exactly where I need to be in order to find out what the cotton and wood will become. 

I'll keep you posted.

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